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Eze Justice
from: Lagos, Nigeria
I want to go into piggery . I want to know the advantages and disadvantages attached to it and also want to know how much it would cost me to start up small with like 8pigs.
6:21pm - December 28, 2016
Bakare kamoru Olanrewaju
from: Osun, Nigeria
please,what are the resources needed for intensive and commercial productions of goats,bucks,sheepes,rams and snails and also how can I get started?
9:54am - December 19, 2016
Dr Kayode Afolabi
from: Oyo, Nigeria
How best do I commence pig farming in medium scale with emphasis on 'seed stock', maintenance of the animals and marketing? Thank you.
7:06am - December 17, 2016
from: Kwara, Nigeria
Pls what is the quick treatment for bloat in Rabbit
5:41pm - December 12, 2016
Audu Musa
from: Kaduna, Nigeria
I started a pig farm about a year ago, looking for a mentor on effective methods of pig rearing, and possible method of export to china.
11:45am - December 12, 2016
Ekpe Atu
from: Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
I have a friend who is into chicken farming, I have the thought to partner with him can this be a good idea
11:14am - December 12, 2016
Akinyemi Temitope Emmanuel
from: Ekiti, Nigeria
How do I differentiate a day old broiler from a day old cockerel from their day 1? Thank you
11:27am - December 11, 2016
Emmanuel Adeyinka
from: Lagos, Nigeria
If I should start rearing grasscutter, how do I go about it ? Where can one be selling them to ? Or any other animal? Thanks
8:52pm - December 9, 2016
from: Adamawa, Nigeria
Hello, I want to start animal fatting but doesn't know how to go about it and how it works, such the best season for fatting and the processes?
4:18pm - December 8, 2016
from: Imo, Nigeria
Gud morning i have am idea on hw to d business of layer farming but i don't have a land to do it
7:24am - December 7, 2016
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