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2 days ago
from: Kwara, Nigeria
I am about to retire from government service. I have the intention of starting a small cyber cafe. How do I start. Registrations and all that?
7:45pm - January 21, 2017
orisamoluwa femi patrick
3 days ago
from: Ondo, Nigeria
I owned a bar but run lost many times through my workers. How can i overcome it?
11:35pm - January 19, 2017
6 days ago
from: Lagos, Nigeria
Hello sir/ma,my name is victor,I have great voices as a voice over asrtiste,and I have jingles & demos to prove my professionalism in the field.Ho do I get jobs thank you
10:49pm - January 16, 2017
Callistus Enekhaze
1 wk
from: Edo, Nigeria
I have the owner of a techbased site which has been on since August 2013.. I feel it's time to expand and I'm looking at means where I can get investments
8:57am - January 16, 2017
1 wk
from: Lagos, Nigeria
good day sir/Ma, my name is Emmanuel, i own a registered cleaning company i started since August 2016 but have not be able to to get client
2:32pm - January 13, 2017
Momodu Ramatu Jessica
2 wks ago
from: Lagos, Nigeria
Sir, i have the idea to start a freshly squeezed juice and smoothie business but i don't know how to go about it, please kindly help with the procedure or guidelines on how to start it. thank you sir
9:53am - January 12, 2017
Eluyea Solomon
2 wks ago
from: Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Sir, I have this need idea in me (selling a cooking gas) but I don't knw how to go about maybe due to the capital involve. Pls help with the procedure on how to start it
9:13am - January 12, 2017
from: Lagos, Nigeria
Good evening, I am very good at public speaking and lifting the soul of youths. I wish to be connected to seminars and conferences where I can exhibit my talents more... can I get help to explore wider
6:05pm - January 9, 2017
Funmi Vicky Suberu
from: Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Good day sir/ma, I started a business on leather footwear, please how can I get more customers? Thanks.
7:08am - January 9, 2017
samson Abayomi
from: Lagos, Nigeria
what business can I start with 100000 naira in iyana ipaja lagos
12:02pm - January 8, 2017
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