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Oladele Ayodele Victor
6 days ago
from: Ekiti, Nigeria
I want to go into cashew plantations, but I need orientation about it.
2:13pm - January 17, 2017
2 wks ago
from: Delta, Nigeria
how can one start cash crops farm without capital?
7:38pm - January 11, 2017
from: Bauchi, Nigeria
how can I get variety of the seed where and how thank u
9:51pm - January 2, 2017
from: Lagos, Nigeria
How do I start a cash crop farming business and which crop will you advise me start with.
11:44am - December 29, 2016
Hope Nwakwue
from: Abia, Nigeria
Dear Sir,
I have a passionate Desire for the retailing or bulk selling of the following cash crops: maiz, Millet, dawa, soya-beans, groundnut, beans, I.e all these things for making baby foods. But I know that I don't have the capital, but I humbly request if I can be made an Agent? Unless otherwise. I reside in Abia State, I'm Hope Nwakwue by Name. I will be grateful if my request is given favourable considerations
9:06am - December 17, 2016