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6 days ago
from: Delta, Nigeria
12:37pm - January 17, 2017
Obeta Solomon
from: Enugu, Nigeria
Good day, I want to start up a laundry service somewhere in Enugu but I have never had an experience running a laundry service. I want to get an idea of how to operate such business mixing it up with my schooling and still and still making good furtune at the same time putting smile on the faces of my customers knowing fully well that must of the job would be carried out by my workers. And also how to make sure that every penny made in the business even in my absence is fully accounted for.
6:59pm - January 4, 2017
Asaolu Francis Dare
from: Lagos, Nigeria
I started this biz about 8 years now but am still struggling to break even in the biz. I think my major challenge is finance. how can you help me out?
7:48pm - December 31, 2016
Alexander Odiwe
from: Lagos, Nigeria
I am in the process of registering a company name for my laundry business and I care to get basic facts and tricks about the laundry and how especially on how to gain credible customers.
I will be operating in Lagos Nigeria
8:52am - December 30, 2016
adetutu Azeezat Baruwa
from: Lagos, Nigeria
I started a laundry biz about a year ago but haven't break even,how well van I market the biz and how can I get the right staff for working mostly the ironing section.Thanks
12:41pm - December 28, 2016