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udokamma opara
6 days ago
from: Edo, Nigeria
Good morning sir, what am I to take note of when starting a snail farm
1:06pm - January 17, 2017
Egba Emmanuel
7 days ago
from: Ebonyi, Nigeria
How I make my fish grow fast?
9:21pm - January 16, 2017
Tsankon William Wadni
1 wk
from: Bauchi, Nigeria
Good Morning Sir. How do i start livestock farming
10:38am - January 14, 2017
Pwanohingi Billy Casley
1 wk
from: Kebbi, Nigeria
Good morning sir please how do i financially prepare to undertake livestock Farming, i intend to retire in a few years time Thanks
10:14am - January 14, 2017
1 wk
from: Gombe, Nigeria
how do I get funding for livestock business
9:09am - January 13, 2017
2 wks ago
from: Rivers, Nigeria
I Have Had Great Passion For Farming Since I Was Growing . I want to to go into full scale live production of cat fish and poultry. Owing to the large scale consumption of fish in my locality and its environs, I know it will be so profitable. The land is not the problem rather the start up capital is
2:12pm - January 12, 2017
Johnson Edache Emmanuel
from: Benue, Nigeria
I am facing difficulties trying to run a break down of the financial analysis involved in poultry farming, pls help.
4:54pm - January 4, 2017
from: Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Good morning house and happy new year. I am in poultry having about 250 chicken in my farm now. And I want to expand more I need a loan pls where can I get it and how?
10:14am - January 2, 2017
Adebisi Abefe ibrahim
from: Lagos, Nigeria
I need a financial support for me to start a business please can I get help from our people
9:05am - January 2, 2017
Olayemi Shogo Joshua
from: Kwara, Nigeria
Thanks, i want to know more about goat farming and beans crop. I am looking forward to hear from you thanks.
2:37am - December 31, 2016
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