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Bello Ganiyat
5 days ago
from: Kwara, Nigeria
Please, can I package coconut oil like olive oil?
12:22pm - January 18, 2017
umar Ali Muhammad
from: Kano, Nigeria
I have adequate supply of sesame seeds. How can i package and partnering with international buyers. Thanks
6:55pm - January 5, 2017
from: Lagos, Nigeria
I have coconut plantation ...and i want to start extracting the milk and put them into can.. For exporting... I need guide line on how to can... And package it..thanks
7:58am - January 3, 2017
Damilola Fimie
from: Oyo, Nigeria
Please kindly give ABC details of how we can package processed and in processed food. Thank you
11:48pm - January 1, 2017
ps Emmanuel
from: Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
i want to go into packaging of yam flour (Alubo) how do i start
4:20pm - December 30, 2016
from: Lagos, Nigeria
Hello good morning. I noticed that a lot og fruit in Nigeria go to waste due to lack of storage facilities. I want ti go into processing of fruits into jam and also canning. pls how best do u think I can go about this? Thanks
11:19am - December 16, 2016