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Lasisi Mustapha
3 days ago
from: Lagos, Nigeria
how much will it cost to start
5:22pm - January 20, 2017
Bawo Ogbe dabor
from: Delta, Nigeria
I just started my plantain farm.want to know which is better for business . Is it processing it into flour or selling like dat.And what re d possible other things u can get from plantain dat sells.
4:33am - January 8, 2017
Emmanuel Eyewan
from: Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Dear mentor, as a beginner,how can i start plantain farming in a small piece of land?
11:57pm - December 28, 2016
from: Bayelsa, Nigeria
How can I get funding for my plantain farm?
8:18pm - December 15, 2016
from: Bayelsa, Nigeria
How do I write my master plan on processing of plantain as a startup?
9:03pm - December 13, 2016
jibril Rainat
from: Rivers, Nigeria
I really love agro allied business and my hubby also has passion for it. Pls what does it take to start the business?
7:20am - December 11, 2016
Clifford Sedulus
from: Oyo, Nigeria
You will like to know what the answer to this question will be ......find out more about the question on our website:

Please we expect you to drop down your question here..thanks
6:38pm - December 8, 2016