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Jessica Daniel
6 hrs ago
from: Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
JESSICA FROM ABUJA.Good day mentor, I will like to know how to make laundry soap and detergent. Thank you!
3:41am - January 23, 2017
kauna yakubu
2 days ago
from: Gombe, Nigeria
Mentor I will be glad if you can teach me or connect me to were I can learn how to make liquid soap, conditioner,shampoo,bath soap, hair cream, And were to get the raw material.
11:01pm - January 20, 2017
Glorious wealth
1 wk
from: Edo, Nigeria
Mentor good evening, please I would really love to learn how to produce bathing soap both liquid and bar soaps, I would be really glad if you can help me on how to go about it. Thank you very much
11:12pm - January 12, 2017
ogunsade akindele
from: Ondo, Nigeria
how can make laundry soap
9:38pm - December 29, 2016
Agartha perkins
from: Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Please mentor i want to learn how to produce a good and quality liquid soap. How do i go about it.
10:29am - December 29, 2016
Audu Iliya
from: Taraba, Nigeria
Is it possible to make bathing soap using palm Karnel oil? If possible please I need the tips. will be grateful if I get the required information.
6:01pm - December 28, 2016