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Bawo Ogbe dabor
from: Delta, Nigeria
Am from warri and want to go into piggery ve gotten d space I need.Dont know how to start.pls I need ur professional advise.
4:39am - January 8, 2017
Grandeur Efe Prince
from: Delta, Nigeria
What do snail feed on and were can one get to own a snail farm?
3:44pm - January 4, 2017
onah virgilus emeka
from: Oyo, Nigeria
Am interested in sail production. How can I go about it?
4:06pm - January 1, 2017
onah virgilus emeka
from: Oyo, Nigeria
I started piggery farm with three sowers and a boar since September 2015 and I have not made any progress what should I do?
4:03pm - January 1, 2017
from: Osun, Nigeria
10:40am - January 1, 2017
adewale Sikiru aderibigbe
from: Lagos, Nigeria
I am an employee in a one man biz earning low, I like to know how can #40,000 start a rabbit biz, can rabbit biz sustain a family, is there a constant market for rabbit consumption in Nigeria? I need you to mentor me on this and if possible meet you face to face
2:09am - December 30, 2016
Dada Oyeyemi Shakirat
from: Kwara, Nigeria
Pls I need full education about snail farming.. I have 10 small snail n I want to rear dem.. Pls aw do I go about it. Pls
11:38pm - December 28, 2016
from: Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
I have prepared my snail pen for the next raining season, but do I need to spray any chemical to get rid of harmful insects or pest before stocking. If yes what is the name of the chemical to use?
4:53pm - December 17, 2016
from: Lagos, Nigeria
hi can this be done on a subsistence level? how much would one need and what tools would be needed? thank you
12:48pm - December 17, 2016