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Bassey Ubuo
from: Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
May I be informed on how start snail farming in a small scale as start off
7:56am - January 1, 2017
Dada Oyeyemi Shakirat
from: Kwara, Nigeria
Pls wat type of calcium can gv my snail.. Names pls
11:51pm - December 28, 2016
Malizu Doris
from: Anambra, Nigeria
Please how long does it take for snail to hatch en how many snails can one start with
9:08pm - December 28, 2016
lawal akindele
from: Oyo, Nigeria
I'm interested in snail farming but I lack experience and capital,can you help out?
10:06am - December 28, 2016
from: Lagos, Nigeria
Afternoon. am samuel. Am into snail rearing now for 4 months. I heard of Artificial incubation of snail egg. Please, is this true? Anone who can assist on doing it. my snail are laying eggs but not hatching them. Please i need advise .
2:46pm - December 24, 2016
from: Lagos, Nigeria
please I want to start a snail farm. how can I get the achantina margin specie?
11:14am - December 16, 2016
chinwe katchy
from: Lagos, Nigeria
How can a start a snail farm while I am working (8am - 5pm) and be successful at it.
10:29am - December 16, 2016
Adewumi Adegoke
from: Osun, Nigeria
Sir, how can one get training on snail farming and also get the achantina margin at a species
6:03pm - December 11, 2016
David Obaloluwa
from: Ogun, Nigeria
How much do i need to setup a snail farming business
11:46pm - December 10, 2016
Davina Reynaldo Amiator
from: Lagos, Nigeria
How do I start Snail Farming?
3:24pm - December 9, 2016
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