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from: Anambra, Nigeria
Pls i wud like to go into vegetable farming how Pls tell me all I ve to know abt it... I await your rply
2:37pm - January 5, 2017
from: Osun, Nigeria
How can I start vegetable farming?
12:03am - January 2, 2017
bode beyioku
from: Lagos, Nigeria
I tried selling my first set of spring onions and Iwas told by the buyers that the are still small,this is after they have spent more than two months on the bed.what c iI do to boost their growth and how long are they expected to spend from the day of transplanting before the are ready for harvest?.
11:54pm - December 30, 2016
from: Lagos, Nigeria
Top of the day to you
I have 1/3 land in my compound where I stay but I which I can start some on vegetable plantings but I do not have a clue on how to start have bought seed but do not know how to go about it
4:26pm - December 29, 2016