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udokamma opara
6 days ago
from: Edo, Nigeria
Good morning sir, I want to go into production of pumpkin and green I will really need mentoring I am based in Benin
1:13pm - January 17, 2017
Jeremiah chidiebere james
from: Abia, Nigeria
Please can i get assistance in form of loans from any bank to futher finance my transport business in nigeria? If yes how can i go about it?
6:19pm - January 2, 2017
from: Imo, Nigeria
my name is christian am very good driver looking for driving work in company .will it by possible here
12:07pm - January 2, 2017
from: Ogun, Nigeria
Do you have any idea about exporting fresh vegetables to London? I have a friend who can take delivery of the veggies once they get to Heathrow airport.
10:06pm - December 28, 2016
from: Plateau, Nigeria
Jos is a producer of most agricultural products especially vegetables and farmers do find difficulties to transport them to other parts of the country. How can one get transportion support towards this angle?
8:58pm - December 26, 2016