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AJINOMOH GLOBAL INVESTMENT LTD. Abuja, Nigeria. Registered and Limited with Share. AG Investment Ltd is an Agriculture and Real-Estate based firm that provides technical, extension and advisory services in Agribusiness, Investment, Training in all it's ramifications including but not limited to poultry and other livestock production, crops, cash crop, arable, crowd, absentee farming. Agricultural value chain including; production, harvest management, processing, storage, infrastructure supply, data collection, management, general support and research, establish and operate feed manufacturing plants, importation and exportation of produce, productions, seedlings, stocks and equipments; (Supplies Agricultural input such as pesticides, seeds and fertilizers) Realestate development, construction, project management. To acquire, dispose, lease, deal in commercial, residential and industrial units. Business partners, investors, consultant support is needed in our project and Advocacy of returning all to see the great opportunities and involved in Modern Agriculture/ Farming by creating an enabling environment for them to thrive via Co-operative in various Farming sector/ units. And the need to spread the Advocacy is not taking for granted, as we have set up multi level marketing system for our advocators as referral bonus by bring in people to the system and the people in turn bringing others continuous chain of compensation plan for them as they increased their efforts. The need for investment too is important to help us expand our business across the nation and the continent at large. In terms of seedlings, stocks and Modern equipments for Farming.

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