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A New product from GNLD COMPANY (Super Gro) that makes the fish to grow very fast, it is not harmful to their health. GNLD fish products are not chemical based products, they are made from Nature. They are suitable for mud, concrete, plastic and earth ponds. ADVANTAGES ON FISH FARMING ARE: It promotes the growth of phytoplankton in the pond. It prevents fish mortality and cannibalism. It increases the ability of oxygen dissolving in fish pond. It reduces changing water on daily basis. It reduces ammonia level and maintains water PH. It promotes uniform growth of the fish. It is effective in many types of fish pond e.g. plastic, earth and concrete pond. It is hygienic when compared with organic mature. It also prevents offensive odors and scurrying. FOR POULTRY FARMING ADVANTAGES ON POULTRY FARMING ARE: It prevents the chickens from fowl pox and cholera. It prevents the chickens from cold and quail diseases. It prevents the chickens from pneumoencephalitis {new castle}. It promotes uniform growth of the chickens and prevent foul odor. It prevents the chickens from FLU {fowl plague}. It prevents them from swollen head. It prevents the chickens from epidemic tremor. It prevents them from EGG DROP SYNDROME {EDS}. It also prevents them from LICE AND MITES. FOR CROP FARMING Watch how to use GNLD's super Gro as a Natural Fertilizer which Helps Farmers Grow Miracle Crops. SuperGro assists more water to reach the roots of the plant and stays there –optimizing plant growth, in less time! GNLD SuperGro Product is most used by Farmers in Nigeria as a source of fertilizer to protect and for health growth of their agricultural and farm products. It is a naturally wetting agent, penetrable, spreader and sticker that has no chemical. It increases the production of food and cash crops. ADVANTAGES ON FARM PRODUCE ARE: Concentrate that increase plant yield by as much as 200% Makes water "wetter" A sticker – It has internal ability to absorb Solar Energy and gum to the plant for maximum use. Improves the absorption of nutrients. It breaks the surface tension of water. It is absorbed faster and keeps plants wet in warm dry weather It acts as wetting agent. It increases the rate at which water enters the soil. Use as often as you choose (every 3 weeks interval) It is bio-degraded, not harmful, nontoxic, non-flammable, environmental friendly. Does not affect the pH balance of the soil or destroy the land. It simply increases the yield. It feeds, renews and revitalizes the plant. The seed, the stalk and the leaves are greatly improved. CONTACT ME....+2347030496928

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