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Garcinia Kola which is commonly known as bitter kola has amazing health benefits which some of us are yet to discover. This tropical flowering plant is common in Cameroon, Nigeria and other parts of central and West Africa. The fruit, seed, nut and bark of the bitter kola tree has been used for long in treating and preventing diseases. 1 It relieves arthritis Bitter kola helps to relieve arthritis by reducing swelling, inflammation, pain and increases movement around the joint. 2 Bitter kola is an anti-poison Eating bitter kola after eating any food suspected to have bacteria will prevent infection and poison. Chew bitter kola to detoxify your system when food poisoning is suspected. 3 Treatment of cough, cold and catarrh Chew bitter kola to relieve the symptoms of cough, could and catarrh. 4 Reduces eye pressure (glaucoma) Bitter kola is able to reduce swelling associated with eye pressure due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 5 Helps in weight loss: bitter Kola suppresses hunger and stimulates the thirst for water and it can be used when trying to lose weight. 6 Alleviation of malaria symptoms Studies have shown that bitter kola is able to relieve symptoms of malaria. 7 Detoxification Bitter kola is able to cleanse the liver and entire body system especially from poisonous substances. 8 Immunity Due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, consuming Garcinia regularly can offer immunity against some infections. 9 Lowering blood glucose levels Some studies show that chewing bitter kola is able to reduce elevated levels of blood glucose in the body

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