Akindel Special Garri

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AKINDEL SPECIAL GARRI - It's prepared under hygienic Condition & Environment. - It's very crispy and can be taken without sugar. - It's gotten from healthy cassava. - It's well Package to avoid being contaminated by bacteria, air pollution and other organisms. - It's very economical and pocket friendly. - It's the fastest meal anytime, any day and anywhere. - It's an energy booster for busy working class & athletes. - It's good for student in Boarding Schools and different companies and organizations. - It's a rich source of carbohydrate for good source of energy. How To Use : You can drink Akindel Special Garri or You Use It To Prepared Eba (Swallow) Colour : White & Yellow Condition : New 1. Weight: 0.5 Paint / 2.5 kg 2. Weight: 1 Paint / 5 kg Visit www.akindelagro.com for your quick order..... For More information Hotline: +2348113088901 Whatsapp: +2348134741864 Facebook/Twitter: Akindel Agro Instagram: @akindelagrolive #AkindelAgro! #PromotingAgriculturalProduce

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