Marriage Reloaded

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Marriage Reloaded is about Marriage. It’s about the gospel. It’s about God’s redemptive work that began in the garden with the marriage of the first Adam to his bride, and will end at the wedding of the last Adam, Jesus Christ, to his bride at the consummation of history. Every family between the first one and the last serves to remind us of the im¬pact of the fall and our need for redemption. Marriage is a foretaste of Heaven. You do not need to die first before you have a taste of paradise. Through your reading Marriage Reloaded you have been equipped to make that pleasurable journey from Eden to Zion. Your marriage life would be transformed from ordinary to extra-ordinary. From natural to supernatural. You and your spouse enjoying your marriage not at a ground zero level of Garden of Eden but at the pinnacle height of Mount Zion. It’s a book you just have to read.

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