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Abayomi, Joshua, Oguntola

I'm a professional Forex Trader, Close to 1oyears of experience in the money market. I started being a part-time trader and I was running a small business which was giving me good return, but my interest in the financial world engulf me to an extend of quitting my small business and focus on the financial world, I devoted all my time and resources on getting acquitted to the industry, Since I'm confess that is not GAMBLING or PONZI SCHEME, rather is the largest liquidity market in the world. So I devoted all I have to understand how it work. I started training aspiring trader since 2012 and that was when I found my first blog site http://ygndiamond.blogspot.com.ng/. Since I've been finding ways to impart my knowledge on Forex to Millions of people, I decided to come up with another domain which I'm currently working on now " www.learnforexmarkets.com" .

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I am a business owner or a director of a business


  • Nigeria, Lagos
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  • New contacts

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We need a platform to talk about FOREX to Millions of Africans, we believe is necessary for Africans to know more about the practical aspect of the money market, how it works and how to trade it online. We believe you can deliver us that.

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  • Finance services & financial technology (fintech)

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Founder, learnforexmarkets Ogba-Ikeja Lagos. Nigeria | 05 2012 - Present


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  • Nigeria, Lagos

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