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Abdul-Jabbar Zia Usman

My name is Abduljabbar Zia Usman and I am 32years old. I ‘have a passion for entrepreneurship; to add, create and renew value. I have been involved in business for 5 years and i have undergone capacity building course in innovation and entrepreneurial finance from the Kaduna Business School and also product development by Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Nigeria (SMEDAN). I have the ability to work with a team and motivate them to buy into my goals whilst seeing it as theirs. And I get my influence from philanthropic activities of successful business leaders like the Dangotes and Bill Gates of this world also, I have a strong affinity towards nature like going out to the zoo, visiting nature parks, watching National geographic channel and animal channels.

Career Status

I am a business owner or a director of a business


  • Nigeria, Abia
  • 80 80s

Business Goals

  • New business opportunities
  • The purchase of new equipment
  • New contacts

Additional business goal information

Haven secured a site to establish an abattoir, our aim is to increase our capacity of meat processing and packaging business to at least 20tons annually from a present capacity of 4tons. Hence we hope to secure a loan or any other funding facility available.

Sector Of Interest

  • Agriculture
  • Agro-processing
  • E-commerce
  • Finance services & financial technology (fintech)
  • Import/export
  • IT & IT services, Programming, Web design and computers
  • Tourism
  • Waste & recycling

Skills and Certifications

  • web designing
  • Computer Graphic Designer
  • Business plan writing
  • Blogger
  • Advance computer profession in Microsoft world and formating, spray sheet Excel power point and presentations etc
  • Corel draw
  • Photoshop
  • 3d home design

Job History

Project Manager, Hyperpace consulting services (, ) | 10 2015 - Present


Online course on Entrepreneurship, Bocconi University, Milan, (Nigeria, Kaduna) | 05 2017 - 07 2017

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  • Nigeria, Abia

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