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Ademola Adebayo

I am a seasoned media consultant, communications expert, multimedia journalist, passionate organic farmer and an agric researcher. I am a specialist with a thorough and precise approach to engagements, which has produced excellent results to date. I thrive in driving high performance cultures within whatever sector I find myself, and my current designation as a seasoned project research executive makes me understand the dynamics of work ethics in any fast paced environment. I am a fast and accurate writer, with a keen eye for details, and have ample knowledge in the usage of social media tools, leveraging on experiences gained working as a T.V, Radio and multimedia journalist in some of Nigeria’s best media houses. The nature of my profession and my I.T experience gives me a unique ability to apply technology in all its forms, to broad based research, public relations and a wide range of other skills.

Career Status

I am not in an executive position, open to new career opportunities


  • Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory (FCT)
  • 103 103s

Business Goals

  • New business opportunities
  • New contacts
  • Advice and consulting services
  • A new job position

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Sector Of Interest

  • Agriculture
  • Farming
  • Agro-processing
  • Consulting
  • Import/export
  • Mass media, social and related
  • Renewable energy
  • Tourism
  • Waste & recycling

Skills and Certifications

Job History

Project Profiling and Compilation Officer, CONTEC GLOBAL AGRO LIMITED Abuja, Nigeria | 03 2017 - Present


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  • Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory (FCT)

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