Full Name

Adenike Onikute

Adenike is the founding Director of Aso Tiwa Adire Fabrics, a company that produces and sells the nigerian hand made resist dye designs know as Adire /Batik.

Career Status

I am a business owner or a director of a business


  • Nigeria, Lagos
  • 66 66s

Business Goals

  • New business partners – supplying partners
  • New business partners – wholesale buyers
  • New sales and prospects – revenues
  • New business opportunities

Additional business goal information

Aso Tiwa Adire Fabrics, promotes the use of the locally made Adire/Batik products. The goal is to make 'Rolyz' the ready to wear brand of Aso Tiwa a nationwide name.

Sector Of Interest

  • Fashion

Skills and Certifications

  • Marketing
  • Negotiation

Job History


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  • Nigeria, Lagos

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