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Verdict Electric has the experience, skills, and the latest modern technology to provide you the client with the highest level of service, design, & installation across all levels of electrical services. We are flexible in our approach to projects, and will work according to each individual customer’s needs.

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The Sectors we cover include: Commercial Services (Private & Tender Projects) Industrial Services (Private & Tender Projects) Contracting (Tender & Sub Contracting Projects) Our Electrical Services Include: Electrical Installations Electrical Maintenance (Reactive & Planned) Electrical Condition Report (formally known as Periodic Inspections) Fire & Emergency Lighting Installation & Maintenance UPS and Generator Installation Control Panel Design, Manufacture and Installation, PLC, HMI and SCADA Solutions Domestic (Private Client Work) Our clients can take comfort in the knowledge that all our engineers are trained to the highest standard within their chosen disciplines, and are led by an experienced team of Directors who themselves are highly qualified electricians. As a company we have a wealth of experience to share. We have built a successful reputation that is centred on customer care and satisfaction. This allows us to keep up to date with ever-changing technology and regulations.  As a company we try to accommodate where possible. If there’s a service you require yet don’t see it listed please Contact Us As a company verdict electric offers a comprehensive range of Commercial Electrical Services to businesses throughout the Ibadan Osun Ogun and some part in Lagos State, this includes being able to design, and install new electrical systems and maintain and service existing installations. Our Commercial Electrical Services Include: Commercial Electrical Installations Commercial Electrical Maintenance (Reactive & Planned) Commercial Electrical Design Commercial Electrical Condition Report (Formally known as Periodic Inspections) Commercial Fire & Emergency Lighting Installation & Maintenance Energy Efficient Lighting Schemes UPS and Generator Installation No matter the industry we can service your requirements. If you own or run any of the following we can help: Office & Industrial Unit – Owned or Rented Retail Outlet – Owned or Rented Leisure Facilities (Gyms, Beauty Salons, Hair Salons) – Private & Chains Pubs & Coffee Shops – Private & Chains Hotels & Accommodation Outlets – Private & Chains Restaurants – Private & Chains Doctors, Dentists & Medical Centre’s – Private & Chains Each year a substantial amount of money can be lost through unexpected maintenance and faults. Verdict electrical aims to reduce these costs by providing a tailor-made plan of inspections, and preventative maintenance visits at regular intervals. By organising these inspections it will enable your business to stay in compliance with current regulations and legislations and reduce the risk of a system failure or loss of trade. As a company we try to accommodate where possible. If there’s a service you require yet don’t see it listed. please Contact Us Verdict electrical specialises in Industrial Electrical Services and understands the pressures of Health and Safety legislation’s within this sector. With our extensive knowledge and experience in this industry we can help our clients meet their obligations. the way industries operate. More Health & Safety regulations are being forced within industry bringing about improved business performance and cost savings. This has brought about radical ways of working encouraging lean operating systems to reduce energy consumption and waste. Verdict electrical has developed a range of services to meet the needs of these ever changing environments within industry. We deliver our Industrial Electrical Services to any Industrial businesses including: Food Processing Automotive Industries Medical & Pharmaceutical Rubber & Plastics Extrusion Recycling Industry Engineering Process Our Industry Services Include: Industrial Electrical Installation Electrical Maintenance (Reactive & Planned) Industrial Electrical Design Industrial Electrical  Condition Report (Formally known as Periodic Inspections) Industrial Control Panel Design, Manufacture and Installation, PLC, HMI and SCADA Solutions Verdict electric coincide with “Imperium Systems” to deliver flawless solutions to those in Industry. our own team of specialist electrical and software engineers means we can focus on your specific requirements to ensure your organisation is safe, compliant, and productive. As a company we try to accommodate where possible. If there’s a service you require yet don’t see it listed. please Contact Us Verdict electric has accrued years of commercial experience working with contracting partners in the construction, heating & plumbing trade and related industries. As a company we pride ourselves on our professionalism. We are reliable contractors that work skillfully and productively with other electrical, plumbing & heating contractors in the construction industry. We have years of experience working in partnership with other contractors on a short or long term basis to assist them in delivering contracts on time and to budget. Our flexible approach means we can facilitate all manner of sub-contracting arrangements with a professional, sensitive approach. Currently we work as main contractors and sub-contractors to deliver solutions to: Retail Construction Contracting – Single Store & Multi-site Verdict electrical works as main or sub-contractors for retail consortiums and contractors. The retail industry is heavily reliant upon Reactive and Planned Maintenance from electrical contractor. it is at times financially feasible for main contractors to employ the services of conveniently located sub-contractors to facilitate installation, maintenance and testing works. Currently, verdict electrical delivers work as main contractors and sub-contractors throughout the Nigerian. Verdict electrical currently works as the main or sub-contractor on behalf of several local authorities across the nigerian. Verdict electrical delivers residential electrical installation and rewires remedial work, Reactive and Planned Maintenance alongside testing & certificate work for domestic dwellings owned or part owned by local authorities. Social Housing /Private Landlords – Housing Verdict electrical currently works as the main or sub-contractor on behalf of several social housing associations and many Private Landlords across the NIGERIAN. Verdict electrical delivers residential electrical installation and rewire remedial work, Reactive and Planned Maintenance alongside testing & certificate work for domestic dwellings owned by the Housing Association or Private Landlord. As a company we try to accommodate where possible. If there’s a service you require yet don’t see it listed please Contact Us Verdict Refrigeration Electrical provides a comprehensive range of specialist  electrical services to both the industrial and commercial sectors, from electrical design and installation of electrical refrigeration systems. Verdict electrical can act independently as a main contractor, or work in conjunction with other major refrigeration, design, and build and management contractors. Verdict electrical has “hands-on” experience installing a huge selection of refrigeration & cooling systems namely: Chilled & Frozen Display Units/Cabinets Under Counter Coolers, Freezers & Displays Cellar Coolers Back Bar Displays & Storage Cabinets Catering and Restaurant Display Units Frozen Display Cabinets Chilled Storage Units Blast Chillers & Freezers Cold Room/Cold Store Lighting To date we work alongside well-known Refrigeration & Facilities Contractors in the nigerian, offering our technical skills and niche electrical expertise. As a business we have accrued a vast range of expertise in numerous industries, we primarily serve the following markets: Multiple Retailers & Wholesalers Food Processing Industry Dairy Industry Food Service Industry Convenience Food Sector Pharmaceutical Industry We also have experience in working in more facilities based environments such as: Hospitals & Medical Centres Shopping Precincts & Entertainment Complexes Supermarkets Distribution As a company we try to accommodate where possible.  If there’s a service you require yet don’t see it listed. please Contact Us Electrical Design, and Installation of Cold Rooms/Cold Storage Verdict electrical has been installing Cold Rooms/Cold Storage for over 4 years along with our partner company. We employ a specialist team of engineers that have a flawless history of successful client projects. Whether it’s electrical design or installation for commercial or industrial premises, our team will be there to install to the highest of standards. Verdict electrical is recognised widely for our specialised fields and this has helped our clients trust that we put their needs first, regardless of the type of project we are working on. With many businesses relying on such systems it’s critical to ensure installation is done to a high standard, as the cost of failure can be catastrophic. Such attention to detail in the installation process ensures that pressure testing of our installed systems is successful, resulting in far fewer problems after final commissioning, when the equipment is tested under load and performing at its optimum to design and functionality parameters. By working closely with our Project Managers we can guarantee our clients receive a first class installation and above all, an integrated support structure to ensure longevity of the equipment. Why Choose Verdict Electrical for Cold Rooms/Cold Storage Installations? Professionals within our industry, with incalculable experience Expert team of engineers trained to the highest industry standards Fully equipped with the latest state of the art installation tools Company operates to the highest environmental standards. Today’s complicated Refrigeration Systems require a sophisticated service.verdict electrical is equipped to deliver a professional Project Management service to ensure all systems run efficiently from Installation minimising downtime or breakdown in the future. From Electrical Design, through to Installation and Project Management verdict Refrigeration Electrical can ensure we deliver you a standard of compliance and excellence. Our technical engineers are experienced to deal with all manner of contracting briefs and are equipped with the best tools and equipment for every contract work undertaken. Verdict Refrigeration Electrical can act independently as a main contractor, or work in conjunction with other major refrigeration, design, and build and management contractors. Our through planning and co-ordination with other contractors involved in a project, ensures that each Installation runs smoothly and to completion dates and time. Our professional on-site supervision and management means we can guarantee materials are controlled and used proportionately. Our own installation code of practice ensures all installations meet the highest quality standards. Quality Assurance Standards Verdict Electrical is committed to excellence and delivering professional expertise that is bench marked against all industry standards.  Verdict electrical have several Quality Assurance Standards to offer our clients and recognised standards of best practice delivered by those in industry. The Quality Management System is applicable to; design, development, contract management, procurement and installation of commercial refrigeration systems, servicing of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems from locations throughout the Nigerian . Is a government-backed organisation dedicated to completing health & safety pre-qualification assessments to a nationally recognised and acceptable threshold standard.  (http://www.verdictelectrical.com)   Verdict electrical offers a comprehensive range of professional Facilities Management maintenance solutions to businesses and organisations across the Nigerian and has done for over 6 years.   Our operation centre is situated in oremeji junction premier hotel with maintenance teams located across all regions. Verdict electrical is ready to respond to your needs 24 Hrs a day 7 days a week. As the business world is changing new ways of working, and out-sourcing have been seen by forward thinking businesses and organisations as the way forward.  Verdict Electrical have responded to the ever-changing Facilities Management needs of the business world by offering flexible support service packages that can facilitate Planned or Reactive needs of a business. Verdict Electrical offers 2 Facilities Management solutions for all industry sectors: Active (Planned Maintenance) Alert (Reactive Maintenance) We can facilitate our services to: Single Commercial Entities Franchises National Chains Housing Associations Private Tenants/Landlords We also work with Industry led organisations such as: Leisure Industry Food and Beverage Industry Local Authority Government Entities At Verdict Electrical we believe in building long-term relationships’ by providing best practice solutions to clients at cost effective rates, without compromising quality! No client is the same, so we tailor all our services around the needs of the client, so they get the right solutions, right people at the right price. Verdict Electrical offers a planned maintenance service to organisations or businesses with consistent planned needs, we call this our “Active Service” package. Planned Maintenance is any variety of scheduled maintenance.  Businesses must have certain checks carried out to comply with current legislation,  it serves the function of performing maintenance on various equipment and areas, and can even help avoid any unscheduled breakdown and downtime. Depending on the nature of the requested job, the Planned Maintenance Operative who is representing our business will be trained to carry out repairs across a variety of trades such as: Electrical Joinery Flooring Plumbing Painting & Decorating Brickwork / Plastering Verdict electrical can offer you: Multi-skilled staff that can address the needs of your business 24-7 A dedicated operative appointed to each individual client to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction Experienced call centre staff Vehicle tracking for productivity Work according to each individual customers needs Like everything else we do, our services are built around you. We adapt our way of working to what you require, from a small but flexible service contract, to a total integrated Facilities Management solution. 

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