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Benjamin, Revilla, Abad

Interested in cleaning water supply. Environmental restoration, cleaning air in an environmentally polluted air.

Career Status

I am a business owner or a director of a business


  • Nigeria, Abia
  • 93 93s

Business Goals

  • New business partners – supplying partners

Additional business goal information

We concentrate in Lagos; Victoria Island to provide solution to the bad underground shallow source of water supply water. This area is known for heavy dissolve iron and manganese in the water. We have the right solution for it. Another problem is that water has rotten egg odor, it is cause by H2S, or hydrogen sulfide. we provide the right process. The H2S problem in the house spread to all pipeline; it has an annoying smell in the kitchen and bathroom, we solve them. The process is not once, it is a continues maintenance, because the water supplies is continues. We provide free training of your home attendant or family member, so that your family can do it yourself maintenance.

Sector Of Interest

  • Real estate development, maintenance related services

Skills and Certifications

  • Project Construction Management Consultant
  • Modification and Improvement of Mechanical Product
  • Industrial Electrical Controll Trouble Shooting
  • Fabrication of Multi-Stage Reverse Osmosis
  • Repair and Rehabilitation of Industrial Reverse Osmosis
  • Water Supply Network Design and Construction
  • Wastewater Treatment Specialist

Job History

SALES REPRESENTATIVE, VFUELS LLC (, ) | 02 2018 - 02 2019

Modular Crude Oil Refinery Construction Project Management Consultant, Ferechal Limited (, ) | 02 2018 - 02 2020


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  • Nigeria, Abia

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