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Lucky, Shioma, Oluka

I obtained a 6 months practical and theory intensive trainee certificate in Industrial, Food Technology & Agriculture in the year 2000 from Pan - African Liberation International Project (PALIP) . Thereafter, I went back to school of management and technology in 2005 to study Welding /Fabrication, I graduated 2007 and obtained Advance Diploma in W/f/Mechanical in production. Since then, I have been in business of construction and engineering, with vast experience of industrial machineries and equipment production. Now, it interest me to invest in egg poultry, catfish, and snail farming in small scale size for a start.. And attach these with production of daily-need cosmetic products like, bathing soap, body cream /lotion, laundry bleach and garment rust stain remover. The market is there for these products, all I needed now is someone to partner with to raise funds and start in a small scale size and grow bigger and better together while diversifying into other products.

Career Status

I run or am involved with multiple small to medium business operations


  • Nigeria, Lagos
  • 38 38s

Business Goals

  • New business partners – wholesale buyers
  • The purchase of new equipment

Additional business goal information

My business need a silent or active funds raising partners to acquire these listed items: 1) Rent /leasing of 3 bedroom flat in outskirts area like Igando in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State. Based on my fesibility study of the environment, I discovered that many building in this location have a 3 bedroom flat in a compound, a gated house, big enough to accommodate all the farming applications, industrial products manufacturing and their administrative support offices just for N400,000.00 per annum. 2) Acquiring of modern fish pounds (Tapolin) that can take up 4000 same size of catfish at once, plumbing materials and fittings cost, pound treatment and procuring of fish food that will last for six months maturity stage and feeding the prepared pound with 4050 fingerlings in case of mortality. These applications also can cost investment funds of N350,000.00 3) Building of snail cottage and acquiring of Hybrid snails with its foods for six months maturity stage for 10000 snail's size of 500 - 700 grams each at the investment cost of N200,000.00 4) Egg poultry which can start bringing income from the date of investment goes thus: Acquiring of layers cage that can take up to 200 birds, goes for N150,000.00. Layer birds goes for N350,000.00 for 200 healthy and active birds. Feeds, medication and eggs crates for a month period is N120,000.00. All initial investment funds is now N600,000.00. Daily eggs production of 16 crates of 24 eggs each at a discount prices of N800 per crate = N12,800.00 daily by 30 days = N384,000.00 per month. Apparently, in 90 days time capital investment of this sector could be fully realized. In summary, the expected take off funds could be N1,550,000.00 or lesser, depends on the small scale size or pending those products that takes longer periods before harvesting for next stages of development. In the other hand, industrial products manufacturing could be another stage which the ingredients, apparatuses, labeling, packaging materials and labors for 10000 tablets of 150g of bathing soap, 10000 cups of 450ml of body cream, 5000 plastic bottles of 40cl of laundry bleach and 5000 plastic bottles of 40cl of garment rust remover, will require a tune of N580,000.00 altogether

Sector Of Interest

  • Agriculture
  • Farming
  • Packaging
  • Import/export
  • Manufacturing

Skills and Certifications

  • Computer literate

Job History

Mr, Steel House Engineering Limited Lagos, Nigeria | 05 2013 - 12 2017


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