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Nmachi Abams

Nmachi is an accountant yet to get a work experience. She loves to take responsibility and believes that if everyone in the world will live up to their responsibility the world would be a better place. My area of interest is agriculture and finance, would really love to begin as a store keeper, take stock and grow up to the level of a manager, managing a very big farm.

Career Status

I am not very active now, but would like to start a business or get involved in something


  • Nigeria, Imo
  • 58 58s

Business Goals

  • New business partners – supplying partners
  • New contacts
  • New sales and prospects – revenues

Additional business goal information

Sector Of Interest

  • Agriculture
  • Finance services & financial technology (fintech)
  • Manufacturing
  • I don't run a business/unemployed

Skills and Certifications

Job History

Book keeper, Frenz limited (, ) | 03 2016 - 04 2017


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  • Nigeria, Imo

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