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Olugbenga, Stephen, Elesha

I am sane and basically composed, loyal, fun-loving, tender and sensitive, these words all best describe me. Friends tell me I'm fun, kind and generous. I love life and enjoy my friends from all over the world. Travel, good music, art, fine food, photography and travel are my major interests. With these activities, my life is very interesting!!!

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I am a business owner or a director of a business


  • Nigeria, Abia
  • 93 93s

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  • New sales and prospects – revenues

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El Gibbor Exclusive Concepts & Designs provides custom solutions for brand communications needs. We produce high quality prints for all cadres of clients - corporate organizations and individuals, then we go further by servicing customers that are looking for one-stop solution for all their brand oriented printing needs. We provide an overall cost saving through our value adding strategy for job-specific solution. Our solution focus on the needs of clients, the time frame for the project and overall scope of work. Our services include~ • Graphic designs • Flex and roll up banners • Screen printing • Monogramming • Embroidery • Back drop_front drop • Corporate uniform • Vehicle branding • Billboards • Alternative adverts. Please contact undersigned today and lets discuss your need! El Gibbor Exclusive Concepts & Designs ...inspire, innovate - explore! 43, Moronfolu Street, Akoka-Lagos. 0706 545 6869 elgibborexclusiveconcepts@gmail.com

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  • Mass media, social and related
  • Other

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  • Nigeria, Abia

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