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Olumide Kolawole

Olumide Irenuyi is a versatile lifestyle enthusiast. He's a nation builder from Ondo State (Western Nigeria), and he believes that Africa is the Chief Cornerstone of the United Nations. His lifestyle portfolio includes: elementary education, basketball, emotional intelligence, nation building, sports science, faith, health & wholeness, family, branding, community development, creative arts, ICT, music, fashion, leadership & service, and the African values.

Career Status

I am a freelancer, a trade person or a consultant


  • Nigeria, Lagos
  • 15 15s

Business Goals

  • New business opportunities

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Sector Of Interest

  • Agriculture
  • Consulting
  • Events & service
  • Fashion
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics

Skills and Certifications

Job History

Head teacher, Dunyem nur/pry school, Ayobo, Lagos (, ) | 01 2017 - Present


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  • Nigeria, Lagos

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