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Sebastine Nnaji

I am a motivated and visionary person and I have good problem solving skills. I also have a good track record all through my working experience year. With my skill set acquired from various recognized companies like HUB-SPOT, UDEMY, and DIGITAL DEEPAK. I have worked with companies like Family Feed Barn, Wincil, Rich Connect and Hafta Media. This experience gives me the edge over most people.

Career Status

I am a freelancer, a trade person or a consultant


  • Nigeria, Imo
  • 80 80s

Business Goals

  • Advice and consulting services
  • New business opportunities
  • New contacts

Additional business goal information

Sector Of Interest

  • Packaging
  • Consulting
  • Events & service
  • Finance services & financial technology (fintech)
  • IT & IT services, Programming, Web design and computers

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Neato Obiaruku

7 months ago

Impressive skills, acute and helped me solve my business problems. Able to deliver as promised.

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  • Nigeria, Imo

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