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tobechukwu ugwu

i am a recent graduate and a bachelor in economics. i am creative, an optimist who goes the extra mile in finding well thought out solutions to challenges. i am an entrepreneur. i have interest in buying and selling, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.

Career Status

I am not very active now, but would like to start a business or get involved in something


  • Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory (FCT)
  • 73 73s

Business Goals

  • A new job position
  • New business opportunities

Additional business goal information

Sector Of Interest

  • Agriculture
  • Farming
  • Packaging
  • Agro-processing
  • Fashion
  • Import/export
  • Real estate development, maintenance related services
  • Transportation
  • I don't run a business/unemployed

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  • Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory (FCT)

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