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Victor Cisoko

I am a graduate of agricultural science, a pragmatic and practical farmer who believes in food security through production, packaging and processing of farm commodities. I love and have passion for production it gives me fulfilment and joy when seeing the crops growing and developing well. It also a call to humanity where ever people make demand and I am able to meet their demand I am always glad doing so.

Career Status

I am a business owner or a director of a business


  • Nigeria, Ondo
  • 44 44s

Business Goals

Additional business goal information

The main needs and goals of my business are to create job opportunity, provide money or income, supply food and raw materials to industries.

Sector Of Interest

  • Agriculture
  • Farming
  • Packaging
  • Agro-processing

Skills and Certifications

  • computer literate, technical idea, can drive, researcher and a reader

Job History

Chief Executive Officer, Blessed agroallied farms and consultant (, ) | 12 2017 - 12 2030


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  • Nigeria, Ondo

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