Full Name

Yakubu, Tukur, Abashiya

I am a producer, actor, voice over artiste, visual/performancece artist, script writer, youth ambassador and a peer educator. I will love to try out new business opportunities.

Career Status

I am a freelancer, a trade person or a consultant


  • Nigeria, Kaduna
  • 76 76s

Business Goals

  • New business opportunities

Additional business goal information

I need to be able to able to secure people with job oppurtunities while I make money.

Sector Of Interest

  • Agriculture
  • Events & service
  • Fashion
  • Mass media, social and related
  • Tourism

Skills and Certifications

  • capacity building
  • create jobs for others
  • advertisment agent
  • journalism
  • ability-to-take-up-challenges-on-the-job-focused-ability-to-take-initiatives-on-the-job-innovative-willingness-confident-to-work-in-any-area-passionate-ability-to-work-with-a-team-to-deliver-
  • • Excellent communication and presentation skills • Out-of-the-Box-Thinking • Identifying Market Segments • Negotiation skills • Proactive team player, quick to learn and adapt to changing en

Job History

Assistant Producer, BBC Media Action Nigeria (, ) | 08 2015 - Present


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  • Nigeria, Kaduna

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