Full Name

Yilkur Barau

A qualified professional manager and an MBA with a passion, a performer with great humility and work with less supervision.

Career Status

I am a business owner or a director of a business


  • Nigeria, Abia
  • 36 36s

Business Goals

  • Advice and consulting services

Additional business goal information

1. To help the less privileged develope entrepreneurs grow. 2. To teach my clients or coach them to see that business is pleasurable. 3. To drive profit maximization smoothly.

Sector Of Interest

  • Agriculture
  • Farming
  • Consulting

Skills and Certifications

  • Budgeting
  • Professional Manager
  • spreadsheet

Job History

Site Manager, ASTC (Nigeria, Abia) | 12 2014 - 04 2016


MBA, National Open University of Nigeria (Nigeria, Plateau) | 05 2013 - 11 2014

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  • Nigeria, Abia

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